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Transiberiatransit, LLC

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Anastasia Shengeliaoffice Manager
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Poti, Georgia Agmashenebeli str 35/1
Poti, Georgia Agmashenebeli str 35/1
Register: 28 April 2016
Activity index: F0.0
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Transiberiatransit ltd works through direct agreements with 'georgian railway' ltd and also they have contracts concluded with railway companies ofa russia, the ukraine, azerbaijan, armenia, other countries of cis, the baltic and third world countries.
we cooperate with a lot of partners. In different countries of the world we have concluded contracts with the agents in ports, custom brokers, owners of movable property. this makes us able to offer our customers effectively organized shipping process, profitable shipping scheme and optimal prices policy.
the company is dynamically developing. a young, active staff exploring new directions improves the rangeof services offered. experience got in the sphere of transport-forwarder service, high qualified management and close contacts with large business. we ship dangerous, heavy weight and oversized load, also the load requiring special terms of transportation.
strategic aim of the company is europe - caucasus - asia (traceca) corridor.
railway - mar shipping traffic is successfully used for this purpose:
Varna - Poti/Batumi, Ilyichevsk/Kerch - Poti/Batumi, Baku - Aktau, Baku - Turkmenbashi
Shipping by railway, sea or mixed routes through the CIS and other countries.
Shipping on the lines: Varna - Poti/Batumi, Ilyichevsk/Kerch - Poti/Batumi, Baku - Aktau, Baku - Turkmenbashi.
Terminal processing of loads, unloading, fastening and next transportation through Poti/Batumi ports.
Organization of transit loads shipping including customs procedures in Poti/Batumi ports.
Shipping of overall, extra oversized and heavy weight loads.
To coordinate special terms of shipping with the railway companies.
To provide with hired movable carriages for shipping alcohol products or easy-spoiling loads.
Insurance of loads. Informational maintenance on carriage location.

The company was founded in 2000, number of employees 25 ppl.
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